New KoRS-CB fellows since May 2017

New KoRS-CB Fellows since May 2017

Since May 19 new fellows joined KoRS-CB.

The KoRS-CB poster session on 24 October 2017 was held in combination with a lecture by Dr. Isidoros Karatzas from the European Commission (DG Research & Innovation) in Brussels. The poster session was opened with the introduction of the 19 new PhD students by the KoRS-CB student representatives, Katrin Stuber and Lena Krüger.

Picture: (from the left) Lena Krüger, Maike Spöring, Monika Sack, Katrin Stuber, Anna Rubailo, Tobias Schneider, Raphael Fahrner, Zhuqing Mao, Anayat Bhat, Christoph Albrecht, Melanie Henkel, Svenja Michalek, Anandi Kugele, Christopher Scholz, Christina Renner, Simon Kienle, Kathy Su.