New KoRS-CB Fellows since November 2017

Since November last year 10 new fellows joined KoRS-CB.

The 8th KoRS-CB poster session started by a talk from Dr. José G. Hernández (RWTH Aachen University). The warm welcome to the new PhD students by the KoRS-CB student representatives, Lena Krüger and Katrin Stuber, started the afternoon session where 20 doctoral researchers of KoRS-CB presented their posters. They were discussing their current research to share knowledge and gain new ideas.

Picture: (from the left) Katrin Stuber, Matthias Frese, Hannah Welte, Julia Reber, Marie Niedermeier, Kenechekwu Iloabuchi, Sabrina Jaeger, Andreas Scherer, Mareike Rapp, Jakob Steuer, Sarah Sagin, Lena Krüger.