New KoRS-CB Fellows since November 2016

Welcome to the new KoRS-CB Fellows in May 2017

Since November last year 10 new fellows joined KoRS-CB.

The 5th KoRS-CB poster session was preceded by a talk from Dr. David Witte, KoRS-CB alumnus since 2015. The warm welcome to the new PhD students by the KoRS-CB student representatives, Eva Höllmüller and Christoph Matti, started the afternoon session. This was followed by a very informative talk of Dr. David Witte, presently team leader customer support at the fast-growing enterprise Nanotemper GmbH. The subsequent poster session was well attended with about 70 participants, fostering lively discussions surrounding the 21 posters by KoRS-CB students and networking among the PhD students and PIs.

Picture: (from the left) Christoph Matti, Eva Höllmüller, with the new PhD students Lena Krüger, Timo Baade, Xenia Dolde, Anna Heiler, Sebastian Höfel, Lilian Karl, Pia Widder, Annalena Wallisch.