As a regional but transnational biotechnology network BioLAGO is actively fostering efforts to better connect and integrate academic research and commercial development in the region. To this end, bilateral research programmes between individual researchers of the Konstanz Research School Chemical Biology (KoRS-CB) and scientists at local companies have been started and promoted. BioLAGO provides knowledge, experience and support especially covering the interface between research and application.

The University of Konstanz and Konstanz-based pharmaceutical companies have established a tight network of collaborations during the past decades. These contacts range from mutual research projects between individual scientists at the University of Konstanz and a company up to the foundation of collaborative research initiatives. Several companies have embarked on supporting the KoRS-CB training programme. These collaborations in teaching graduate students provide our doctoral researchers with contacts to industrial employers at an early stage of their research career.

Our partnerships are based on long-lasting personal contacts such as with