Poster Sessions and KoRS-CB Days


The 8. KoRS-CB poster session took place on 15 May 2018

After an inspiring talk by Dr. José G. Hernández (RWTH Aachen University), about the applications of mechanochemistry in biological settings, 20 doctoral researchers of KoRS-CB presented their posters. They were discussing their current research to share knowledge and gain new ideas.

In addition, the ten new KoRS-CB fellows were introduced.


The 7. KoRS-CB poster session took place on 30 January 2018

In the course of the first poster session in 2018, 21 KoRS-CB students from different groups presented their ongoing research. In these 2 hours projects, problems and new perspectives were discussed lively. Afterwards 72 students and PIs met in the Constanzer Wirtshaus to enjoy delicious food and some drinks in a relaxed atmosphere.



The 6. KoRS-CB poster session took place on 24 October 2017

This poster session was held in combination with a lecture by Dr. Isidoros Karatzas from the European Commission (DG Research & Innovation) in Brussels. The talk provided interesing insights into ethical integrity in research. Afterwards, a case study was discussed extensively. The poster session was opened with the introduction of the 19 new PhD students by the KoRS-CB doctoral representatives Katrin Stuber and Lena Krüger. In the following two hours 20 KoRS-CB students presented their diverse projects, encouraging the exchange of ideas.


The 5. KoRS-CB poster session took place on 02 May 2017

The 5th KoRS-CB poster session was preceded by a talk from Dr. David Witte, KoRS-CB alumnus since 2015. The warm welcome to the new PhD students by the KoRS-CB student representatives, Eva Höllmüller and Christoph Matti, started the afternoon session. This was followed by a very informative talk of Dr. David Witte, presently team leader customer support at the fast-growing enterprise Nanotemper GmbH. The subsequent poster session was well attended with about 70 participants, fostering lively discussions surrounding the 21 posters by KoRS-CB students and networking among the PhD students and PIs.


  • New KoRS-CB Fellows since November 2016
  • 5th KoRS-CB Poster Session

The 4. KoRS-CB poster session took place on 31 January 2017

The fourth poster session followed after the KoRS-CB seminar from Prof. Dr. Andreas Künkel, BASF  SE Ludwigshafen, which was well attended with over 85 participants. During the interactive poster session, 24 selected doctoral students presented their current research in a very inspiring  atmosphere. The poster session was completed by the annual New Year’s Dinner taking place in K7.



The 3. KoRS-CB poster session took place on 22 November 2016

More than 80 students and PIs attended the third KoRS-CB postersession. It started with a KoRS-CB-alumni talk by Dr. Armin Benz from Roche Diagnostics International Ltd. with the title ‘From idea to product: Development of diagnostic instruments’. During the following postersession and get-together, 24 doctoral students presented their research in a relaxing atmosphere with many fruitful discussions.


The 2. KoRS-CB poster session took place on 3 May 2016

The second poster session attracted more than 80 guests in total. It opened with a keynote by Dr. Bastian Holzberger, alumnus of KoRS-CB and presently as a team leader at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH in Biberach, Germany. His talk focussed on "Biopharmaceuticals: Large-scale production of proteins", a topic which was highly appreciated by the audience. Afterwards a poster session with discussions took place providing 23 posters by KoRS-CB doctoral students.


The 1. KoRS-CB poster session took place on 18 February 2016

Around 70 doctoral students and their PIs gathered for the first postersession in 2016 which included short talks and discussions about the ongoing PhD projects. We thank GATC for their financial support!



KoRS-CB Day 2012

For the second time, the doctoral researchers of the Konstanz Research School Chemical Biology organised the annual "KoRS-CB Day" with poster presentations of their current research results. The KoRS-CB Day took place on 12 June directly after the last talk of the series "KoRS-CB Seminars" with Professor Kai Johnsson from Lausanne. Not only the supervisors but also the doctoral researchers from the newly founded graduate schools, the Graduate School Chemistry (GCh) and the Graduate School of Biological Sciences (GBS), were kindly invited to join this event.



KoRS-CB Day 2011

On Tuesday, 18 October, the doctoral researchers of the Konstanz Research School Chemical Biology organized a "KoRS-CB Day" with poster presentations of their current research results. The supervisors as well as all doctoral researchers from three disciplines got the chance to inform theirselves on the different research projects.