Konstanz Research School Chemical Biology

Are you highly motivated? Have you earned top marks in your previous studies? Do you want to find solutions to some of the great challenges of today's basic and applied research?
KoRS-CB offers interdisciplinary research projects in the highly relevant areas Synthetic Chemistry, Cellular Biochemistry, Biomedicine, Biophysics, and Computational Life Science. A structured training programme provides scientific as well as transferable skill courses. Our doctoral researchers benefit from our partnerships with academic institutions and leading companies around the world.


Rivalen im Immunsystem

Rivalität zwischen zwei Ubiquitin-ähnlichen Modifikatoren: Biologen der Universität Konstanz und des Biotechnologie-Instituts Thurgau entdecken überraschenden Mechanismus der Immunabwehr

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New protein spin labelling technique

University of Konstanz researchers develop a new site-directed spin labelling approach based on genetically encoded noncanonical amino acids amenable to Diels-Alder chemistry as well as a new spin label, PaNDA

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