Ethics & Good Scientific Practice

KoRS-CB is highly committed to respect ethical principles and to ensure research integrity. All research activities have to be in line with basic ethical principles such as equality of humans, freedom, solidarity, and justice.

To this end, KoRS-CB implemented modules to introduce ethical topics to its doctoral researchers by providing courses on Good Scientific Practice. Two day courses are available on a voluntary basis while an online course is mandatory for each doctoral researcher within the first six months of the studies. Moreover, KoRS-CB offers talks and workshops to experience ethical integrity in detail. Futhermore, all KoRS-CB members have access to the DFG Proposals for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice as well as to the respective EU ethical standards layed down in the Charter of Fundamental Rights and the Code of Conduct. The Codex of the DFG can be found here.

The University of Konstanz established and implemented several guidelines and rules for the responsible handling of scientific freedom and scientific risks. The respective documents - e.g. the "Information and rules for a responsible approach to research freedom and research risks at the University of Konstanz" - can be found here. A Commission for Responsibility in Research at the University of Konstanz works on the basis of the rules for the responsible handling of research freedom and research risks at the University of Konstanz. In addition, an ombudsperson serves as confidental address for ethical and other issues.