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For your information on the type of former research projects you'll find a list of random selected titles below.

Doctoral projects in the research area: Cellular Biochemistry

  • Analysis of the Role of Poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation in DNA Repair by Mass Spectrometry
  • Bacterial degradation of xenobiotic LAS-surfactants: Novel pathways, enzymes and genes
  • Biochemical Studies on the Functional Regulation of DEK and XPA by Poly(ADP-Ribose)
  • Cellular quality control of newly synthesized proteins
  • Conformations, Dynamics and Mechanisms of Molecular Chaperones
  • Dissecting the regulatory mechanisms driving early mitotic divisions in Xenopus
  • Functional interplay of Ribosome-associated Chaperones and Factor
  • Investigation of protein-protein-interactions with FLIM-FRET
  • Structure Acquisition during Co-translational Protein-Folding
  • Sulfo-Glucose Degradation in Bacteria
  • Thiazolides, GSTP1 and colon cancer cell apoptosis
  • Understanding the process of chromosome segregation in mammalian cells

Doctoral projects in the research area: Biomedicine

  • Degeneration mechanisms in human dopaminergic neurons
  • FAT10 in dendritic cell aggresome-like induced structures (DALIS)
  • Identification of chemicals that modify human neurite outgrowth
  • Immunoproteasome Inhibiton as a Means to Suppress Autoimmune Diseases
  • Immunotherapy of hormone resistant prostate carcinoma by therapeutic vaccination with PLGA-microspheres
  • New Chemistry for site-specific Ubiquitinylation of Proteins
  • Regulation of and interfering with CCR7 trafficking
  • Systematic evaluation of neural nanotoxicity of polymer nanoparticles in embryonic stem cell derived systems
  • The role of the immunoproteasome in autoimmunity and transplant rejection

Doctoral projects in the research area: Biophysics

  • Biogenesis, Structure and Function of Echinoderm Biomineralization Proteins
  • Infared spectroscopic studies of protein folding mechanisms using chemical probes
  • Investigation of protein-protein-interactions with FLIM-FRET
  • Purification, Crystallization and X-Ray Structure Solution of Membrane Proteins
  • Quantitative description of endosome movement in human cells
  • Spectroscopic characterization of PolyQ aggregation processes
  • Spin-label EPR on DNA Quadruplexes
  • Structure Determination of Neuronal Cell Adhesion and Receptor Domains

Doctoral projects in the research area: Computational Life Science

  • Active Learning of Temporal Classification Models for Dynamic Live-Cell Recordings
  • Analysis and Visual Summarization of Molecular Dynamics
  • Analysis of Crystallographic Data: Methods and Applications
  • Computational Modeling and Experimental Investigation of the Intrinsic Pathway of Apoptosis
  • Cross Model Outlier Detection for Multiple Screening Data Analysis
  • Highly Accurate Parallel Algorithms for the Detection of Structural Variance in Next-Generation Sequencing Data
  • Insight by Molecular Dynamics into Functional Aspects of Membrane Proteins
  • Investigation of Protein and Peptide Systems with Spectroscopic Methods and Simulation
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Bioinformatic Analysis of Ribosomal Profiles

Doctoral projects in the research area: Synthetic Chemistry

  • Carbohydrate-Modified Surfaces for Endo- and Endo-Exo-Prostheses
  • Chemical Methods for Posttranslational Protein Modification
  • Directed Evolution of Klentag DNA Polymerases with Increased Selectivity
  • DNA-Based Molecular Architectures
  • Enzymatic Synthesis of Selenium-modified RNA by engineered RNA Polymerases
  • Expanded Evolution of Programmable RNA-Recognition
  • New Tools for Metabolic labelling of Poly(ADP-ribose)
  • Screening for Small Molecule Effectors of Quadruplex Regulatory Sequences
  • Shaping DNA Polymerases for Epigenetic Applications
  • Structure and Vaccine Conjugates of α-Synuclein Oligomers Related to Parkinson’s Disease
  • Structure-Based Design of Pyrrolysyl-tRNA-Synthetases for the Genetic Encoding of Extended Three-Ring Intercalators
  • Unnatural Amino Acids to Study Protein Ubiquitylation