Now accepting applications from 30 November 2017 till 18 January 2018!

All eligible candidates must fulfill the formal requirements outlined in the application procedure. Here you can find a specification of our application projects (alphabetically listed by the name of the group leader):

Functional anisotropic nanopartices templated by designer proteins - Helmut Cölfen / Biophysics

Proteins with nanopockets shall be used for the genetical modification with unnatural amino acids, the orthogonally functionalizable amino acids cysteine or charged amino acids at defined positions in the protein pocket. That way, a highly functionalized and spatially defined nanopocket shall be designed which shall be specifically used for ion accumulation and subsequent nucleation of a cluster of a functional nanomaterial like metals or semiconductors. By this strategy, the dimensions and the nucleation cluster shall be highly controlled and thus, nanostructural systems with new properties und functions be accessible.

The project seeks for a candidate with solid background in nanoscience and the chemistry of nanomaterials and a great interest in protein engineering.

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De novo synthesis of aristolochic acid derivatives and their toxicities - Daniel Dietrich / Biomedicine

Aristolochic acid (AA) found in many European Aristolochiacea plants, e.g. the Birthwort (Aristolochia clematitis) is used in traditional Chinese medicine as well as in homeopathy and „nature medicines“. AA is also associated with the development of nephropathy and urothelial cell carcinoma in humans. This project aims to understand the differential response of renal and urothelial cells, respectively, to AA and its metabolites detected in AA exposed humans.

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Novel antibacterial compounds targeting the prokaryotic electron transport chain - Christof Hauck / Biomedicine , Thomas Böttcher / Synthetic Chemistry

The increase in multidrug-resistant bacteria represents a global health challenge. Focusing on a novel group of proprietary small molecule compounds with selective bactericidal activity, we will investigate their molecular mode of action, tailor their structure-activity relationship towards high-priority pathogens, and apply them in relevant animal models of infectious disease. As the candidate is expected to work in an interdisciplinary team of chemists, cell biologists, and microbiologists, profound knowledge in these areas is mandatory.

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