Basics on the KoRS-CB Training Programme

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Research (06 months proposal)Research (18 months proposal)Research (30 months presentation)
Scientific CourseScientific CourseScientific Course (opt.)
Transferable Skill CourseManagement Course (opt.)
Course "Good Scientific Practice"

Course Programme

How many courses do I have to take?

Four courses within the first three years of your thesis are compulsory. Of these courses, at least two have to cover the area “Scientific Courses”, one has to cover the area “Transferable Skills & Management Courses”, and one is free of choice. In addition, the course “Good Scientific Practice” is compulsory within the first 6 months.

Which courses shall I take?

This depends on your educational background and your research interests and should be discussed with your thesis committee. If you need help and advice: Concerning the Scientific Courses, please ask your thesis committee members; concerning the Transferable Skills & Management Courses you are invited to ask the KoRS-CB management.

How to register?

Please register by using the link at the end of each course description on this website.

Can I also get credit for other courses?

Questions regarding the equivalence of other courses as well as cost takeover please address to the KoRS-CB office. In general, the courses offered by the Academic Staff Development (ASD) as well as courses of other graduate schools at the University of Konstanz are considered equivalent. 

Glossar: Talk series & Symposia

Alumni-Talks & Poster Sessions

Non-regular talks from KoRS-CB alumni with subsequent poster sessions, where the doctorals researchers present their research. More information.

KoRS-CB Seminars/SFB 969 Seminars

Regular talk series  (4-5 dates per term) with high-profile speakers covering topics of the state-of-the-art in the field of Chemical Biology and Proteostasis. Dates are published here (KoRS-CB/SFB 969).

KoRS-CB Kolloquia

Non-regular talks covering specific topics within the field of Chemical Biology. Please find all dates and topics here.


Several talks covering a particular topic within the field of Chemical Biology in one day. Announcements you will find at the item KoRS-CB Kolloquia.

Symposia: Konstanz Symposium Chemical Biology & SFB 969 Symposium: Two Days of Proteostasis

Bi-annual conferences with high-profile international speakers.